CDH Image Explorer

CDH Image Explorer Pro 7.2

Image visualiser supporting over 70 formats


  • Handles up to 70 image formats
  • Light on resources and easy to use
  • Over 100 image effects


  • Few advanced editing options
  • Interface looks very basic

Not bad

CDH Image Explorer supports an amazing 70 different image formats meaning in terms of versatility and flexibility, it's hard to beat. If only the visualisation options were somewhat more advanced and the interface more attractive, this would be a killer image browsing app but the program is let down a little on both counts.

On the plus side, CDH Image Explorer allows you to easily visualize all your image formats, including animations GIF, specific Photoshop formats and more. You can easily erase, convert, rename and manage your photos through the main interface as well as send images by email, open presentations, view technical information about images and much more. Of particular note are the image effects with over 100 options to manipulate images, from changing the brightness to adding special filters.

If your image viewer has been unable to open an image for any particular reason, then CDH Image Explorer may be powerful enough to provide a solution.

Image Explorer Pro is the most complete, all-in-one image and video solution currently available. It allows for fast viewing, editing, and management of all your image and video formats!

Read and write support is provided for over 70 formats with over 100 advanced image manipulation and processing features present. Of course, all standard features are provided (crop, re size, re sample, rotate, print, zoom, flip, mirror, etc.).

CDH Image Explorer


CDH Image Explorer Pro 7.2

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